Public House - Chattanooga, TN

I forgot about these pictures. This is from our anniversary trip back in May. This place was awesome. We sat on the patio and had a couple of appetizers and we had our first drink after 11 months of not drinking. My goal was to go a year but we decided to celebrate, and we agreed that 11 months without a drink was good enough for us. Since then I have only had a few beers here and there with dinner. It wasn’t like we had a drinking problem. We just decided to challenge ourselves and we were curious to see how easy or hard it might be. It was very easy for the most part. We saved money and calories and never had to deal with being hung-over, so that was all nice. My first drink after 11 months at The Public House was a Bacon Banana Nut shot. It was bacon whiskey with banana liqueur and I think almond liqueur. It was actually really good. It was very smooth and tasted just like the Elvis sandwich, Peanut butter, banana and bacon. It went great with my bacon scallops, which were cooked perfect. The fried pickles were Whitney’s favorite. We will hopefully make it back for a full meal here at some point. We talked about making a stop in Chattanooga for either lunch or dinner when we are on our way to Atlanta. Our favorites were Good Dog, The Blue Plate, and The Public House. If you have not been to Chattanooga before or it has been a long time, you should go for a weekend. 

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